PR Stunt (Part of the BEWITCH integrated campaign)


, Adstars (PR)
Best of the Week, Best Ads on TV (Outdoor)

Part of the Bewitch integrated campaign.


For this project, we started with an uncommon ambition :
Create the world's first painting made with... Liquid Soap.

We proposed the project to the famous spanish artist Gabriel Moreno.
Obviously, at first he though we were crazy.
And finally he tried working with the Lux soap on canvas. Step by step he realized that it was actually working.
A giant canvas of 2x1.5 meters has been painted, showing the feelings that evokes Lux's fragrance to the artist.

Aim of this all project was PR.

So we asked Gabriel to come to Singapore for the Bewitch PR launch event, to finish the painting live in front of the journalists from all Asia and Middle east. This way we insured a strong media coverage for the all campaign.

Unilever keep the painting in their Singapore offices.

liquid soap pour squarespace.JPG
Gabriel painting.JPG
Close up 1.JPG
close up2.JPG
_DSC0832 1 copy copie.JPG